Start A Blog!

Experiment #1 – Start a Blog

Step 1. Start a blog.
Step 2. Share it with the world.

This is the first experiment in the Fear Series. Every week in the month of January, I will do one thing that scares me. This is in order to practice overcoming fear. If you haven’t already, check out the How to Overcome Fear post!

Starting a blog is the easy part. The “share it with the world” part… that TERRIFIES me. And that’s precisely the reason it’s so important. This is a journey of growth and overcoming fear and in order to overcome fear, we must practice doing the things that terrify us.

Why does it terrify me? 
Good question. I sometimes struggle with social anxiety, making it sometimes really painful to put myself out there. I fear embarrassment, people thinking the blog is dumb, people thinking I am stupid or weird, etc. etc.

The process.
So, as outlined in How to Overcome Fear, I’m trying out the techniques:

  1. Practice – Sharing this with the world scares me, so I will do it as bravery training.
  2. Assess the danger – Removing all emotion and fear of embarrassment, I’ll think about it… What’s the worst case? People think I’m dumb. Big deal they’ll probably forget about it in a few days. Lol no one has time to care that much. Will starting a blog bring harm to me or anyone else? Unlikely. Great. Onward.
  3. Forget the outcome – Okay. The outcome doesn’t matter. I’ll pretend there is no outcome. Nothing happens after I share the blog. The only relevant thing is that I share it. Cool.

Failure means progress. If this doesn’t go well, it still means I’ve grown. And growth is the only pree. So here goes. (I’ll update this post below after I’ve done it)

If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.

-John C. Maxwell


It’s lit! I did it! I created the blog (obviously) and I shared it on Twitter and Facebook and with some friends. At first it was super terrifying imagining what people will think but I tried my best to follow the steps. And it worked 🙂

The “Forget the outcome” step was the most important for me. At one point, when I was sharing it in my old high school Facebook group, I wrote the post and it took my like 10 mins to actually hit the button. What eventually got me to hit it was forgetting the outcome.

I reminded myself that I’m simply doing this for growth and whether people like it or not is irrelevant. So at that point, all that was in my mind was “If I hit send, I will grow. If I don’t, I will keep being a scaredy cat”. So then it was easy – I just hit send and closed the tab.

I’m so happy I did this I actually feel more confident. And I ended up getting pretty good feedback. I had a couple not so positive reviews (which isn’t a bad thing – constructive criticism is a way to grow) but the majority made me very happy.

So this experiment was a success.

For the next fear experiment, I’ll try to go up and talk to random girls 🙂 Stay tuned.


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