Zale Young
Zale Young


I don’t know the meaning of life. But I believe the way to find it… is through growth!

Hi, my name is Zale and I’m on a journey of learning, self discovery and aggressive self improvement. I’m setting out to learn as much as I can about this world while being happy and achieving ambitions goals as I do it. I truly believe that anything is possible and, through this site, I hope to not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk.

I want to document this journey because:

  1. Announcing my goals to the public will hold me accountable for actually doing it!
  2. If I succeed with these things, I want to share how I did it! Because if I can do it, you can too!

Check out the Welcome post for more!

What to expect.

Content will be in two forms:

  • Snippets of Wisdom – I’ll offer food for thought, tips/how-to’s that I have tried or am trying, and I’ll share other content that has inspired me.
  • Experiments – I’ll do experiments in which I will implement some of the techniques that I share. This will also give you a real example of how to apply certain techniques and how they can affect your life. Experiments will vary in nature. I will take on ambitious projects, develop habits, overcome fears, or experiment with accelerated learning (to learn how to learn).

I hope that this blog inspires both myself and everyone who reads it. I’m excited for this! Will you join me?

A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.