Welcome to Growth Pree!

Welcome to Growth Pree!

I don’t know the meaning of life. But I believe the way to find it… is through growth!


About me.

ZaleHi, I’m Zale. For a long time I had been lost, purposeless, empty, you name it. I felt like I was placed on a conveyor belt to follow the predetermined path of school, school, work, money, and then happiness sometime down the road. But that wasn’t working for me. I was unhappily sleepwalking through life and I couldn’t even figure out why I was unhappy! So I decided to take a step back, hop off the conveyor belt and really figure out what was going on both internally and externally. I wanted to learn how to be truly happy and how to live my life by design, not by default.

So for the past year I’ve been on a journey of self discovery and self improvement. As part of and to help enhance this journey, I’ve decided to create a blog to document and share both my successes and failures and to offer advice to those on or considering a similar journey.

About growth.

So on my journey I’ve been drawing wisdom from many sources – friends, family, books, podcasts, YouTube, religion, schools of philosophy, etc (all of which I’ll talk about in the blog). And while I haven’t yet figured out the meaning of life, I’m realizing something. I’m realizing that two of the most important things in life are gratefulness and growth. Gratefulness is the mother of happiness. Being grateful prevents you from taking things for granted, makes you very appreciative and so uplifts your mood, and it opens your heart/mind to recognize and let in more things to be grateful for (people, opportunities, journeys, you name it). Growth is the mother of… well everything! It encompasses so much… changing, learning, adapting and improving in any environment – physical, emotional, professional. Growth is natural. Whether we try or not we are always growing because nature knows that growth is necessary for survival. But not only does it allow us to survive, it also enhances our lives. Learning how to grow faster and to greater heights in areas of our choosing is bound to improve the quality of our lives. If we can learn how to be grateful and learn how to grow, we’d be unstoppable!

So let’s focus on (or, in Jamaican terms, pree) growth. This is Growth Pree.

About the blog.

The content of this blog will be of two main kinds:

  1. Snippets of wisdom – I’ll offer food for thought, tips/how-to’s that I have tried or am trying, and I’ll share other content that has inspired me.
  2. Experiments – I want to show you that I not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. So I’ll also do experiments in which I will implement some of the techniques that I share. This will also give you a real example of how to apply certain techniques and how they can affect your life. Experiments will vary in nature. I will take on ambitious projects, develop habits, overcome fears, or experiment with accelerated learning (to learn how to learn).

I hope that this blog inspires both myself and everyone who reads it. I’m excited for this! Will you join me?

A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.


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I'm on a journey of learning, improvement and growth.

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